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Tyco Fire Grooved Couplings



577: Light Weight Rigid Coupling

The GRINNELL Figure 577 G-FIRE Rigid Coupling provides a rigid joint by firmly gripping along the circumference of the pipe grooves. The Figure 577 Light WeightRigid Coupling is a proven dependable method of joining pipe and is an economical alternative to welding, threading or using flanges. It is capable of pressures up to 300 psi (20,7 bar) depending on pipe size and wall thickness. The Figure 577 Coupling is UL & ULC Listed, FM, VdS and LPCB Approved. (Contact TFPP for details)
Pricing / Sizes Data Sheet: TFP1854 Submittal Sheet Install Sheet: G901

705: Flexible Coupling

The GRINNELL Figure 705 Flexible Coupling allows for angular and linear deflection, thermal expansion and contraction, and misalignments of  pipe.  It is capable of pressures up to 300 psi (20,7 bar), depending on pipe size and wall thickness. Suitable for use in a variety of applications, the Figure 705 Coupling provides a dependable method of joining pipe.
Pricing / Sizes Data Sheet: TFP1820 Submittal Sheet Install Sheet: G901

716: Reducing Coupling

The GRINNELL Figure 716 Flexible Reducing Coupling allows for a direct transition between two different pipe sizes, and replaces two couplings and a reducing fitting. It is capable of pressures up to 500 psi (34,5 bar) depending on pipe size and wall thickness. A flexible reducing coupling is not recommended for low-temperature applications.
Pricing / Sizes Data Sheet: TFP1830 Submittal Sheet

71: Grooved Flange  Adapter

The GRINNELL Figure 71 Flange Adapter allows a direct transition from flanged components to GRINNELL grooved components. Flange bolt patterns conform to ANSI Class 125 and 150 standards and PN16 as indicated.
Pricing / Sizes Data Sheet: TFP1880 Submittal Sheet Install Sheet: G903


702: Outlet Coupling

The GRINNELL Figure 702 Mechanical Outlet Coupling combines the features of a pipe-joining coupling and an integral reducing outlet. It eliminates the need for a mechanical tee or a reducing tee and associated couplings. The Figure 702 is available with grooved, male-threaded, or female-threaded outlets. 
Pricing / Sizes Data Sheet: TFP1870 Submittal Sheet Install Sheet: G957